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The entrance to Worston Road from the A59
The entrance to Worston Road from the A59
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I cannot believe that 40 mph signs have been erected on the old road to Worston – a lane which is colloquially known as part of Four Lane Ends.

In our front page story, a principal engineer for Lancashire County Council has said that the signs have had to be erected because of recent changes to the speed limit along Pendle Road.

Surely when these changes were made officials should have realised that Worston Road is not suitable for frequent use by motorists.

In my opinion, this road should not be used by motorists full stop! Never mind motorists travelling at speeds up to 40 mph on what is a recreational country lane.

It is not suitable for vehicles – the lane is narrow, is full of pot holes and has sharp bends. It is also predominantly used by walkers, cyclists and parents with children.

It may be similar to other country lanes across the Ribble Valley, but how many of these lanes are used to such a large extent by members of the public for the activities mentioned above? Most similar country lanes are used as a means of gaining access to remote settlements or farms.

Worston Road is the old road to Worston because the A59 bypass was built leaving it redundant. For it now to be used as a short cut by motorists wanting to avoid the queues at the top of Pendle Road on to the A59 is scary. There may be a national speed limit sign warning them they are about to join the A59, which they already knew, but where are the warning signs to those motorists travelling along the A59 that they are approaching a junction?

Even more lethal are those motorists turning right off the A59 on to Worston Road because they are not allowed to turn right on to Pendle Road. I drove up the A59 to see if I would feel safe making this right turn and, without a doubt, I can say that I wouldn’t feel safe. The opening into Worston Road is unmarked, unlit, without signage and motorists would have to cross two double white lines in the centre of the road. There may be signs warning of a cycling route, but how noticeable are those to motorists travelling at speed on the A59.

I totally agree with local resident Peter Booth that the opening on to Worston Road from the A59 should be blocked off at the earliest opportunity before there is a serious accident. The fact that the council has not erected 40 mph signs on the other side of Four Lane Ends and the fact that this end is gated surely points the way forward. Let common sense prevail.