‘Unsung’ sports could get cash from Townsons

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Unsung sporting heroes from Clitheroe can apply for a donation towards new kit, equipment or training costs to help them raise their profile as the sports stars of tomorrow.

Building on the legacy left by London 2012, local heating oil supplier Townson Bros, on Pendle Trading Estate, Clitheroe, has launched a charitable bursary scheme to support lesser-known local sports teams and is seeking nominations to each receive up to £300.

As a loyal supplier to the region, Townson Bros is looking to provide a helping hand to alternative sports groups that traditionally struggle for public funding, such as cheerleading, synchronised swimming and wrestling.

Jonathan Best, Regional Manager at Townson Bros, said: “The ‘unsung sporting heroes’ bursary is our way of extending support to the sports stars of tomorrow and keeping in touch with the communities we are part of. The nation’s love of sport was reignited last year and we want to maintain that excitement and momentum in Clitheroe by supporting the more alternative sports groups; one day, these sports could make the Olympic agenda. Whether your pom poms need preening or your wrestling ring revamping, we want to hear from you.”

Townson Bros has selection criteria and asks that all nominations are made for sports teams only in Clitheroe. To apply, email bursary@townsonbros.co.uk, outlining the team name and chosen sport, where it’s based and in no more than 200 words, what funding is required and wy. The closing date for entries is Friday June 7th.

Full contact details should also be included.