TV star Nick Knowles comes to Langho

Selfie time with Nick Knowles and staff at The Sanctuary of Healing, Langho
Selfie time with Nick Knowles and staff at The Sanctuary of Healing, Langho

Television’s celebrity star Nick Knowles took time out of his busy schedule for a moment of relaxing and detoxing in the Ribble Valley.

The host of TV makeover series DIY SOS was invited to The Sanctuary of Healing, in Langho, by staff who met him at a book signing session at a local school. During his visit to The Sanctuary, he enjoyed discussing health and wellbeing and a Bamboo massage.

Last year fans saw Nick front a new BBC2 observational documentary “The Retreat” that saw him check into a fasting, vegan, yoga, Reiki and healing retreat in a remote island in Thailand.

He spent 28 days there after realising his stressful life and unhealthy diet was affecting his wellbeing.

Speaking of his visit, chair of trustees at The Sanctuary of Healing, Sue Barsby, said: “We were delighted that Nick took time to come and see us after talking about The Sanctuary and it's life changing effect it can have on its clients, the previous evening.

“His first words on coming through our doors was 'Wow I didn't expect this'! We gave him a tour of The Sanctuary, introduced him to our pilates group ,clients and chef Lisa Terras and her team in our organic cafe. She chatted to him about our vegetarian and vegan dishes and how to keep them healthy and nutritious. He was impressed that The Sanctuary was able to offer a holistic range of healing therapies and self advancement classes, which focused on the mind, body and soul. Nick congratulated Tony Clarkson, the owner, on his methods of addressing health issues in a way that is complementary to mainstream medicine.

“Nick is a lovely man who has found health in diet, exercise and complementary therapies.”

The Sanctuary of Healing, celebrates its 10th anniversary in June this year, where there is an opportunity to celebrate its birthday with specialist talks, tours and offering a chance to experience some of the areas it covers under the umbrella of Mind ,Body and Soul...striving to seek Balance and Harmony.