Travelling by Tuba

The ensemble Travelling byTuba. (s)
The ensemble Travelling byTuba. (s)
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Children at Salesbury CE Primary School were “blown away” by a day spent with the Travelling by Tuba musical ensemble.

Chris Cranham and Stewart Death led an inspiring musical performance with the children in Key Stage 2. Although primarily known as tuba, trumpet and piano players, Chris and Stewart used a whole variety of instruments from different continents in order to celebrate music from all around the world as part of an Olympics tribute.

Children were able to volunteer to join the ensemble’s performance and play along with the talented duo, before they led workshops with Years 4, 5 and 6. Each child played an instrument as each year group rehearsed their own pieces.

The culmination of the day was an exciting performance to children and parents, in which the children could showcase their musical talents and what they had learned, led by Chris and Stewart.