Reckless driver video goes viral

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This was the moment Clitheroe businessman Matthew Taylor confronted a driver he witnessed overtaking his car and five others at high speed, narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic on the A59.

Matthew posted the clip on Facebook to serve as a warning to other drivers and he was stunned when it went viral and was viewed 160,000 times and shared 1,600 times.

The A59. Photo: Google

The A59. Photo: Google

He said: "I shared for people to be aware on this road as it is notorious for people breaking the speed limit.

"The response has been incredible, I only expected my friends on facebook to see it but thousands have viewed it."

Matthew, who runs Time Train Collectibles antiques shop and restaurant Hoof and Rooster, in the town, said he was returning home along the A59 at around 6pm on Thursday, February 16th, when he said the incident happened.

He said: “I was heading to Clitheroe doing 60mph, all of a sudden a silver Mercedes came up behind me headlights flashing.

“He then overtook no less than six cars into head-on traffic. He just got through with traffic parting either side.

“I’ve had years of driving and it’s by far the most reckless act I’ve ever seen.”

He reported the incident to the police immediately.