Barrow Primary School pupil (11) walked home alone after bus refusal

Rory McGregor (11) was told he was too young to travel by himself on a Lancashire United bus
Rory McGregor (11) was told he was too young to travel by himself on a Lancashire United bus
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An 11-year-old boy has claimed he was forced to walk three miles home from school after bus drivers said he was too young to travel alone on their bus.

Barrow Primary School pupil Rory McGregor, of Billington, claims he was refused entry on to Lancashire United’s number 22 bus twice after the driver said passengers must be 13 years of age to travel alone.

His mother Suzanne Taylor, of Kelbrook, said she had been astounded by the bus drivers’ actions, which had happened after school on two consecutive Fridays forcing her son to walk the three mile journey home alone.

“I am just astounded,” said Suzanne. “God forbid if anything had happened to my son!”

She is currently in contact with Lancashire United to ascertain why this happened and is keen that other parents are made aware that this could happen to their children.

Rory, who had been getting a lift home up until a couple of weeks ago, is due to start Clitheroe Royal Grammar School in September.

Suzanne said that her eldest son Cameron (13), who is a pupil at Ribblesdale High School in Clitheroe, had often jumped on to a public bus, when he had missed his school bus, from the age of 11 with no problems.

She added that a spokesman for Lancashire United has told her that there is no CCTV footage of Rory, who lives with his father Euan and brother Cameron in Billington, attempting to board the company’s number 22 bus and that they are denying the incidents took place.

Suzanne said that the spokesman had also told her that he wasn’t aware that there is any age limit for when children are allowed to travel on a bus on their own.

The Clitheroe Advertiser and Times attempted to contact Lancashire United for a comment, but one hadn’t been supplied as the newspaper went to press.