Teacher Matt’s moving appeal on social media after stroke

Stroke victim Matthew Potts. (s)
Stroke victim Matthew Potts. (s)
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A teacher, whose life changed overnight when he suffered a devastating stroke, has turned to social media to find himself a job.

A status that Matt Potts posted on Facebook advertising his services for work has so far received 500 shares. And although he has not yet been offered a job Matt (39) is confident he will find something soon.

He said: “I cannot do my old job as a teacher but there are a lot of things I can do. My writing and speech has been affected by the stroke but my limbs are not affected and I can do a lot of practical things such as labouring, tiling, cleaning, gardening or painting.’’

Desperate to find something to help him get back to normal and into a working routine, Matt came up with the idea of posting himself on Facebook while out for his regular run as part of his rehabilitation.

He said: “It just seemed the easiest thing to do because so many people use social media.’’

His post has drawn plenty of attention with people sending good luck messages of support and encouragement and one man even offered to post fliers in the staffroom of his office in Clitheroe to help Matt.

Matt, who lives in Ribchester, suffered the stroke while out with friends in Lancaster almost two years ago. He felt ill during the evening so decided to go to bed and sleep it off.

The next morning he fell in the shower but still did not realise that anything was wrong with him until he went out in his car and had a minor accident. He was taken to hospital where he spent the next five weeks recovering from the stroke.

Matt said: “I just felt off really, I didn’t realise I had suffered something so massive that would change my life, literally, overnight.’’

Initially, the stroke robbed Matt of his speech and the ability to write, making it impossible to return to his job as a maths teacher at St Thomas’ High School in Ripley. Detemined to fight his way back to health, he now has speech therapy sessions twice a week although he still struggles when it comes to writing.

Matt said: “The speech therapists have been fantastic, they are helping me to talk again which is something I have been desperate to do.

“One of the therapists has also arranged for me to spend half a day in a school helping one pupil.

Matt is among the 1.2m. people in the UK who survive a stroke every year. A stroke is the sudden death of brain cells due to an inadequate blood flow.

Depending on the region of the brain affected a stroke can cause paralysis or in Matt’s case speech impairment and loss of memory.

If you can offer Matt work he can be contacted on 07837974693.