Sun seeking Brits are paying the price for being a nation of over-packers

If you are planning a trip aboard this half term and toiletries and books are on your check-list, leave them behind.

Saturday, 21st October 2017, 8:30 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 11:33 am
Brits are notoriously over-packers when it comes to holidays abroad.
Brits are notoriously over-packers when it comes to holidays abroad.

For the chances are you will not be using them when you arrive at your holiday destination, according to new research.

Along with board games and aftersun lotion, toiletries and books rank among the top four items that remain in the case when Brits go on their holidays.

And British people really are a nation of over packers with 40% of Brits having previously paid for excess baggage, around £44 on average, cash that could have been used as spending money if more thought had gone into the packing.

When the figures are added up it works out that excess luggage fees are costing Brits an incredible £619m a year!

An astonishing 83% do not even use all the items they pack.

A study, conducted by discount voucher website MyVoucherCodes, found that excessive toiletries rank the highest at 36% followed by books at 27%, followed by too many shoes and warm items such as hoodies and waterproof jackets all at 18%.

Yet many budget savvy Brits are not happy to part with their cash at check-in with 15% reported they had tried to wear as many items as possible from their hold luggage to avoid excess charges.

Incredibly six per cent have thrown items of clothing away and five per cent asked a family member to come to the airport with them so they could take any excess items home.

And when it comes to packing styles, 71 % of men fold their clothes and pack the night before their flight but 34% of women say they like to get organised in advance by writing a list and packing a few days before.

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