Summer of scares at Horror Camp Live!

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“Carry on Camping” ...if you dare, at Horror Camp Live! – the UK’s first interactive horror camping experience opening in the Ribble Valley on Friday July 13th.

The new 13-hour overnight terror experience will have campers screaming throughout the night as they are placed in the middle of a live horror experience where actors will unleash dare-based games with evil twists and turns.

Located at various sites across the UK, the terrifying event kicks off on July 13th where Campground Mass Acre will be located on the grounds of Scare Kingdom Scream Park, (home to Mrs Dowson’s Ice Cream), Longsight Road, Clayton-Le-Dale.

The interactive scare attraction style experience will make guests feel as if they have wandered into the middle of a horror film where nightmares are guaranteed!

Horror Camp Live! is the brainchild of AtmosFEAR! Entertainment Group which produces and operates dozens of scare-based entertainment attractions throughout the UK and world-wide.

AtmosFEAR! Entertainment Group’s Creative Director Jason Karl said: “We have been developing a horror based camping experience for the last four years, and have been looking for the right site to host it. Scare Kingdom Scream Park is ideal, as it already has the infrastructure and physical site elements we needed.”

Lead by over-enthusiastic camp leaders, Dawney and Davey, the thrill-seeking campers at Horror Camp Live! will start their fright-filled evening around a camp fire where a two-course buffet-style barbecue will be served.

But the friendly camp fire ambiance will soon turn nasty as they are lead on a journey beyond the campground where demented serial killer Lockjaw lurks.

Through a series of challenges and dare-based games, campers will be split from the rest of the group and endure both indoor and outdoor horrors intended to shock, scare and entertain.

Suitable for campers aged 18-plus, Horror Camp Live! is perfect for stag and hen parties, team-building events and celebrations. Younger campers may attend if accompanied by an adult. Horror Camp Live! also available exclusively to groups of 30-plus or more.

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