Stepdaughter confronts abuser on The Jeremy Kyle Show

This is the moment a Wigan woman appeared on national television to confront the man who abused her.

Monday, 28th November 2016, 4:24 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 3:41 pm
Sara Worrall (centre) confronts her abuser, stepfather Gordon Heaton (far right) on the Jeremy Kyle show

Sara Worrall went on The Jeremy Kyle Show on ITV this morning (Monday) to speak to her stepfather Gordon Heaton, who indecently assaulted her as a youngster.

Introducing the show, host Jeremy Kyle said: “This is perhaps one of the most shocking stories we have ever had on The Jeremy Kyle Show.”

Heaton, 75, was jailed for 11 months last December at Liverpool Crown Court for indecently assaulting Sara when she was just 10-years-old.

The confrontation on TV

He pleaded guilty at first but then applied to the court to change his plea, which was rejected.

He had a previous similar conviction in 1964.

Speaking on The Jeremy Kyle Show, Sara said Heaton threatened to have her put in care if she told anyone what had happened.

Sara said she turned to drink and drugs.

Sara Worrall

Years later when Sara saw Heaton had a photograph of her own son, she came forward and told her mother what had happened.

There were boos from the audience as Heaton was introduced on stage.

He denied abusing Sara and a note on the screen said he had pleaded guilty as he believed it would result in a better outcome for the case.

Sara repeatedly asked why he had abused her, but he continued to deny it.

Gordon Heaton

There were heated exchanges on stage between Sara, Heaton and family members, with security guards stepping between them at times.

Jeremy Kyle said he did not believe what Heaton said.

He told him: “I feel uneasy with you being here so you know what, go somewhere else because there’s a disgusting horrible smell on this studio floor.”

The confrontation on TV
Sara Worrall
Gordon Heaton