Sponsor a stone to save steeple of Clitheroe Parish Church

The spire of Clitheroe Parish Church
The spire of Clitheroe Parish Church
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VISIBLE across Clitheroe and much further afield, the spire of Clitheroe Parish Church is an instantly recognisable Ribble Valley landmark.

But as previously reported, the familiar structure is in danger of collapse and will need to be dismantled and rebuilt to remove rusting iron cramps and preserve it for future generations. An initial survey has already been carried out and the main work is due to start after Easter.

The spire is made up of more than 850 stones and every stone will have to be taken down if all the deteriorating cramps are to be located. That means the spire will disappear for a short time and then rise again!

To help pay for this vital restoration, fund-raisers at the church have come up with the idea of sponsoring a stone for £5 or more. Every sponsor will receive a certificate and the names of all who contribute will be recorded in a book to be kept at the church. You could give sponsorship of a stone as a Christmas gift and, if you’re quick, might even be able to sponsor a stone on the side of the steeple facing your house!

The sponsorship team would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in sponsoring a stone. The contacts for each of the spire’s faces are:

East face (facing Church Brow and York St) Barrie Lancaster. Tel. 01200 422157

South east face (facing Shawbridge) Jo Robinson. Tel. 428859

South face (facing Church Street) Linda Ainsworth. Tel. 424436

South west face (facing the castle) Liz Parkinson. Tel. 422660

West face (facing Chester Avenue) Keith Jackson. Tel. 426427

North west face (facing Waddington Road) Muriel Ashcroft. Tel. 426408

Generous donors have already sponsored the stones on the remaining two faces.