Spectacular underwater photography presentation to camera club

Underwater photography presentation to Ribblesdale Camera Club.
Underwater photography presentation to Ribblesdale Camera Club.
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Ribblesdale Camera Club’s last meeting was modestly billed as “underwater photography”.

In the event, the presentation by professional underwater photographers, Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown, of Frogfish Photography, was astonishing and extraordinary, writes Ken Geddes.

Caroline has a Masters in Animal Behaviour while Nick is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. They have the approach of making friends with the underwater creatures, who are far more intelligent than generally realised. They very rarely make use of shark cages.

This approach results in spectacular photography, but has its drawbacks. Being kissed on the cheek by a large, slobbery dolphin is flattering but not necessarily enjoyable! As Caroline said, when a shark you are photographing suddenly disappears and comes back with a dead penguin which it drops at your feet, what is the protocol of refusing it without offence?

A more serious topic was diving on wrecks. Most of the navies of the world declare a wreck a forbidden place until all drowned crew and passengers are removed for burial. On occasion, with big vessels, areas of the ship are too dangerous to search and are sealed. Naval vessels are usually declared war graves and are off limits to divers. Occasionally diving on a wreck, bags and personal effects are seen, not a pleasant thing.

To carry away more than memories, the annual of the magazine Scubaverse were given to club members, in which Nick and Caroline were featured in a major presentation. To see more of their work, join one of their courses or to contact them visit: www.frogfishphotography.com

Judging of the club’s second open competition will be on November 28th. On either side of that will be member’s presentations, giving the club a view of their own photographic interests. The club meets every Tuesday at the Grindleton Pavilion at 7-30pm.