‘Showcase School’ honour for Ribblesdale

Pupils at Ribblesdale High School. (s)
Pupils at Ribblesdale High School. (s)
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Tech savvy Ribblesdale High School has recently become a Microsoft Showcase School, a status that has only been awarded to 20 primary and secondary schools across the UK.

To tie in with the launch of the new status Ribblesdale hosted a #RedefineLearn conference with guest speaker Steve Beswick, senior director of Education and Charities Microsoft.

The conference was attended by senior leaders from more than 30 schools across the North West, who took part in a range of workshops focusing on innovative use of technology and personalised learning.

The Microsoft Showcase Schools programme is an initiative which supports schools that are seen to be ahead in their use of technology coupled with its use to increase teaching and learning within the classroom.

Ribblesdale, from being one of the first Technology Collages in the county in the 1990s through to last year developing the use of wireless teacher devices in the classroom, has had a long history of embracing new technology in order to further the quality of learning.

The school aims to benefit pupils with the use of technology and prepare them for IT developments they will face throughout their lives and future careers.

Stephen Cox, headteacher at Ribblesdale, said: “Just as a printing press doesn’t write great books, technology in the classroom doesn’t guarantee great learning. Great books come from imaginative, creative and insightful authors, similarly, great lessons will always be crafted by talented teachers.”