Second round of works to busy roundabout

The council is due to dig it up Chatburn Road roundabout.
The council is due to dig it up Chatburn Road roundabout.
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Business owners have vented their fury after a second round of work in five months is set to begin at one of Clitheroe’s busiest junctions.

Lancashire County Council has been forced to return to the Chatburn Road roundabout to carry out “minor additional” work for the safety of motorists - five months after the initial round of alterations.

Work to improve the safety of the roundabout started in October last year. York Street, which is home to around 15 businesses and Clitheroe Royal Grammar School Sixth Form Centre, was totally closed to traffic from 8am to 5pm until it reopened a week before Christmas.

News of the second round of roadworks, which will be carried out at the end of May, during the half-term school holiday to minimise disruption, has prompted a backlash from traders on nearby York Street.

Gary Arthur, who runs The Barber Shop, said he was unaware further improvements were being made to the roundabout. “It’s absolutely ridiculous. They only just finished the disruption and are now returning next month. It will be business as usual for us. We live in the real world and need to make a living.”

Graeme Drummond, who runs Richmond Framing, said county hall is wasting time and money on doing two jobs to something that could have been done properly the first time. He added: “It does not surprise me that they are coming back. It wouldn’t be so bad if they got it right in the first place. Most of my customers have said they can’t see the point of what they have done to that roundabout. It’s a waste of taxpayers money. However, because there are no road closures in place this time, it shouldn’t disrupt my business.”

County councillor Ian Brown said: “I understand the need for safety measures and hope the new work will be okay and acceptable as there have been many comments as to how bad the current set up has been.”

Dwayne Lowe, area highways manager for Lancashire County Council, said: “The improvements to the roundabout on Chatburn Road were made following three significant accidents over a three-year period, and to address this a scheme was developed to reduce potential conflict over who has priority for vehicles approaching the roundabout.

“As with all new highway improvement schemes, a safety audit was carried out after construction was completed, and following this we are planning some minor additional work to the roundabout.

“This will include re-alignment of kerbs, and work to highlight the kerb buildouts on the approaches to it, so that motorists are better guided into the available traffic lane.

“To minimise disruption as far as possible the work is due to be carried out at the end of May during the half-term school holiday when traffic levels are lighter, however we’re sorry for any inconvenience due to the need for this additional work.”