Scoop the poop and get rid of it in Whalley's street litter bins

Dog walkers in Whalley can use any public litter bin or dog waste bin to get rid of the mess.
Dog walkers in Whalley can use any public litter bin or dog waste bin to get rid of the mess.
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Dog waste can now be bagged and disposed of in all public litter bins in Whalley except for those specifically for recycling, it has been revealed.

Ribble Valley Borough Council’s “any bin will do” approach was piloted in the pretty village two years ago, however, due to a “poor summer”, council officials have decided to put the initiative to the test again.

Under the plans, which were discussed at the council’s Community Services Committee meeting, dog walkers can dispose of their pet’s mess in the 24 litter bins around Whalley. Bins in children’s play areas do not form part of the trial.

Mr John Heap, the council’s director of community services, said the scheme is not intended to replace the existing dog waste bins.

He explained: “In September 2015 a trial was initiated, at members behest, of the public using litter bins to deposit their bagged dog waste and then be collected by the refuse department as part of their normal rounds.

“Concern was expressed about the location of the litter bins being used for the trial. The concern was the smell from the bins and the potential proximity of the bins to food outlets, playgrounds and seating areas.

“There were few complaints from the refuse crews about collecting the mixed waste and the cleaning of the vehicles was less onerous and hazardous that was at first thought.

“There were no complaints from the public about the mixed waste being in litter bins or indeed any smells emanating from them.

“However, the trial did take place over a particularly poor summer and therefore it is considered the trial did not give a true representation of the situation.

“It is recommended we extend the trial to cover another summer in an attempt to obtain the true implications of the proposal.”

The move has been welcomed by Whalley councillor Terry Hill, who initiated the scheme.

He said: “I think it’s a fantastic idea. It multiplies the number of dedicated bins and makes a lot of sense. It is an efficient way to dispose of the dog mess as long as people use their common sense.”