Sabden star of Herman’s Hermits helps New Zealand earthquake victims

Kevan Lingard of Herman's Hermits. B130906/1
Kevan Lingard of Herman's Hermits. B130906/1
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A SABDEN musician is helping bring a smile back to faces of those hit by the New Zealand earthquake.

Kevan Lingard, the keyboard vocalist in Herman’s Hermits, and the band, have been touring the country with Gerry and The Pacemakers.

And their 14-day sell-out tour included an emotional night in Christchurch, where the earthquake killed nearly 200 people in February, as they played to a packed out theatre – the first international bands to do so since the tragedy.

“It was one of the most memorable nights you could imagine,” said Kevan.

“The audience were so pleased to see us and we were so keen to please. The Kiwis are fantastic people.

“Christchurch is still experiencing the after-shocks, and there is a nervousness surrounding the whole city.

“The day before we arrived they had two major aftershocks measuring 3.4.

“We flew out of Christchurch at 10 a.m. the following day and just missed a huge aftershock measuring 5.0.

“After the show we spoke to people who still had arms and legs in plaster as a result of the earthquake, and people told of friends who had tragically lost their lives.

“However, the people of Christchurch couldn’t thank us enough for being there, and providing them with some rock and roll medicine.”