Ruby Duck - delicious on draught and bottled

Beer review
Beer review
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I have sampled a few excellent bottled beers recently - and two in particular have been exceptional.

And here are the two quality quaffs, certainly worth highlighting to you this month.

The first beer was a porter, on offer and enjoyed at the Bridge Bier Huis, Burnley.

This fine beer emporium has a superb selection of bottled beers from around the world.

The porter in question came from the Founders brewery in Michigan, USA.

It poured pitch black in colour and had a tight, creamy, beige coloured head.

It had coffee and malty sweet aromas and was packed with chocolate, coffee and dark fruit flavours.

Fruit flavours that tasted quite complex. However, it was raisins that was the dominant flavour - and it lead to a moderate bitter hopped finish.

This smooth, rich and robust slurp, at a whopping 6.5%, was one of the best bottled porters I have tasted - and I’ve tasted a few. Perfectly balanced - brewing excellence.

The next tasty tipple, came from the recently opened Beer Shack, a micropub in Burnley town centre.

This establishment offers a bottled beer takeaway service.

Here you will find beers you may have tasted on draught - but been unable to hunt down in the bottled version.

Beers from Prospect, Titanic, George Wright, Moorhouse’s and many more are available.

I plumped for a bottle from the Poulton brewer, Fuzzy Duck, on this occasion.

Their Ruby Duck is delicious on draught, and was equally tasty in t’bottle.

It pours a chestnut colour and has a white, fluffy head.

Ruby Duck boasts a strong dark fruity aroma and has a deep, dark fruit flavoured taste which is consistent throughout.

Plums and raisins being most prevalent, in my opinion.

A robust beer at 5.3%. A delightful porter style ale, with a subtle bitter hopped finish - it hit the spot.