Rotary display – and a chance to help

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The Rotary clubs of Clitheroe and Ribblesdale are joining forces to celebrate International Rotary Day on Thursday February 23rd.

And you can help support their international charity work by donating any old computers which you no longer need.

The Rotarians are taking over the shop at 6-8 Castle Street, where there will be a display of the work carried out by Rotary clubs both locally and Internationally. In the Ribble Valley, that includes vital and ongoing support for Crossroads Care, North West Air Ambulance, Multiple Sclerosis Society and many more.

One of the major achievements has been the part played by Rotary in the eradication of polio worldwide, with India not having a recorded case for more than 13 months.

As well as visual displays there will be an Emergency Shelter Box on display, more than 20 of which – all paid for by funds raised locally – have gone to help in disaster areas over the past two years.

Members of the public are also being encouraged to bring their old computers (desktop or laptop) which, when stripped of information and then refurbished, go to carefully selected schools in Africa. So far more than 40 have been donated and processed. If you have an old computer which you can donate, please take it to the Castle Street shop on February 23rd or alternatively call 07977 042867.

Also at the shop will be information about Rotary membership and how to become involved in other ways. For more information visit or speak to any Rotary member.