Ribblesdale Camera Club's 2011 invitation

A NEW year got off to a fascinationg start for Ribblesdale Camera Club when seven members each gave a 10-minute chat on "Photographers who have inspired me".

Sue Marsden started with a talk on Elliot Porter, the pioneer colour nature photographer who was also renowned for his exploration of James Gleick's Chaos Theory. This was followed by Dr Pete Seavers' discussion of Thomas Shahan's nature photography. Kevin Crowther then talked about the press and reality photographers Jane Bown and Shirley Baker.

Chairman Nigel Mallinson presented the work of famous landscape photographers, Edward Weston and Joe Cornish. Clare Drew was next, with Sally Mann's portraits and the work of Rhaghu Rai. Graham Dudley followed this with an affectionate look at the work of Eric Treacy, the railway photographer, later Bishop of Wakefield.

The final contribution was on the club's sadly deceased member John West, who developed many styles of photography still common in club photography.

This was a superb evening of in-house entertainment and education. The club meets at 7-30 p.m. on Tuesdays at West Bradford Village Hall and potential new members or curious visitors are welcome to go along and find out more.