Ribble Valley Euro MP calls for ‘expenses freeze’

Chris Davies MEP'Liberal Democrat, North West of england
Chris Davies MEP'Liberal Democrat, North West of england
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RIBBLE Valley MEP Chris Davies is calling for all Euro-MPs to face an expenses freeze until 2014.

The Liberal Democrat, whose North West constituency includes Ribble Valley, wants the European Parliament to reject an inflation-linked increase in its administration costs, and says MEPs should accept cuts in the value of their expenses budget.

“To anyone who has served on a local council, or who has run their own business, it is stark staringly obvious the European Parliament could achieve big savings in its budget without affecting its work,” said Mr Davies.

He claims a saving of up to £200m. a year could be achieved by ending the rotation of the Parliament between separate buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg.

“I have no doubt a majority of MEPs want to put an end to the ‘travelling circus’ arrangements, but the decision rests not with the European Parliament but with national parliaments.

“Change may be blocked by France, but until the issue is put on the agenda the arguments will never be properly heard.”