Revellers trash beauty spot in booze fuelled party rave

Rubbish left by revellers at the Blue Lagoon (s)
Rubbish left by revellers at the Blue Lagoon (s)

Partying youngsters have trashed a local beauty spot, leaving a trail of destruction behind them, including hundreds of empty beer bottles and evidence of drug use.

It is believed that young people celebrating what is known as “stand down,” or the final day of term before exams begin, may have gathered at the area known as the Blue Lagoon in Longridge Fell Forest for the all night party.

The mess was discovered by Clitheroe resident Mr Peter Booth while out walking in the area. He told the Advertiser: “The mess they have left behind is beyond belief. They have totally trashed the area. There is broken glass and litter everywhere but more worryingly evidence of drug paraphernalia and glue sniffing activities including little plastic bags and gas canisters.”

Mr Booth fears that the youngsters were also putting their lives at risk by jumping into the lake area known as the Blue Lagoon.

He said: “It is a recipe for disaster, young people who are drunk and diving into water wherer they could hit their heads.

“They have also tried to light several bonfires which, considering the recent dry weather, could cause a forest blaze.”

The area is remote private forestland which has several different owners. It is around five miles out of Clitheroe and close to Stonyhurst.

Mr Booth is planning to get in touch with local schools in a bid to get the mess cleaned up and Ribble Valley Council is planning to co-ordinate a clean up.

Mr Booth added: “I am more than happy to go down theremyself and get the area tidied up. “It would be nice to think that some of those responsible would also like to do that.”

Ribble Valley Police are also aware of the incident.

A police spokesman said: “We were informed about the party after it had taken place but as far as we are aware this was a one-off incident.”