Residents express their priorities for the future of Clitheroe

Clitheroe folk have been voicing their opinions about the town
Clitheroe folk have been voicing their opinions about the town
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No more houses should be built in the Ribble Valley until sufficient infrastructure is provided to deal with all the extra houses.

This is according to results of a survey produced by Clitheroe Residents Action Group allowing the townspeople to have a say on the standard of services provided by Ribble Valley Borough Council.

A total of 1,086 residents responded (Clitheroe 731 Ribble Valley 355). The results revealed 88% of respondents feel their views are not heard by the borough council, while 78% of people say they are not getting value for money for the council tax they pay. Figures also showed how 93% of people feel sufficient infrastructure plans are not in place to cope with the amount of new houses set to be built in the rural borough and 74% of residents say dog fouling is at an unacceptable level.

A meeting has since been held between CRAG officials and Ken Hind, leader of Ribble Valley Borough Council.

CRAG chairman, Mr Steve Rush, said: “The survey responses also contained an additional comments section and 40% of respondents did comment. “These comments threw up further major issues surrounding excessive traffic, education, road and pavement disrepair and parking.

“A positive meeting has since been held to discuss these results and it is fair to say Mr Hind was alarmed at the overall findings.

“He stated he was looking for outcomes regarding the points made in the survey and expressed concern the public were of the opinion that Ribble Valley Borough Council did not listen to them.

“He recognized anti-social behaviour was a problem, but a lack of police funding was not helping the situation.

“He also agreed some people walking dogs in public places required educating about clearing up after their pet. More wardens were being considered and a fine system had been introduced for pet owners caught not carrying a ‘black doggy bag’.”

Responding, Mr Hind explained: “It was important to meet CRAG representatives and yes I was very surprised at the findings of the survey. It is crucial we do not ignore the results because we are a listening council and will be taking action against the points raised including introducing a neighbourhood plan for the town and ensuring more resources and funding is sourced to be invested into community infrastructure. This also includes more school places available for children and improved roads.”