Research reveals Veganuary as popular as Dry January in the North West

No more fry-ups for the Veganuary gang...
No more fry-ups for the Veganuary gang...
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For the first time, 'Veganuary' - the concept of going vegan in January - is set to be as popular a New Year's Resolution as giving up alcohol for 'Dry January' for people in the North West.

Demonstrating that the mantra of using a new year to make some positive life changes is showing no signs of slowing down, new data has revealed that as a result of greater environmental and health awareness across not only the North West but the UK as a whole, more and more people are challenging themselves to give up a few life's vices and see how their new vegan shoes fit.

Some 5% of people are set to try their green-fingered hand at Veganuary, while traditionally meat-based retailed such as Greggs have made headlines recently by unveiling a line of vegan sausage rolls (much to the chagrin of some more stoically narrow-minded folk) making going vegan this month that little bit easier for the 2,662,900 Brits pledging to go vegan this January.

Despite the growing popularity of veganism, however, when it comes to New Year's resolutions, the classics still reign supreme. A vow to exercise more still sits on top of the pile as the most popular pledge (46% of respondants to the VoucherCodes poll) followed by saving money (44%) and eating more healthily (44%).

“With Brits more environmentally aware than ever before, we’ve seen a real surge in people going vegan – and it’s interesting to see it overtake Dry January among young adults’ New Year’s resolutions," said Anita Naik, Lifestyle Editor at "Meanwhile, it’s great that we will be looking to compensate for overindulging in the Christmas festivities by exercising more and eating healthily in 2019."

In fact, seven in 10 (71%) of North West residents make a New Year’s resolution, with the fitness craze set to see gyms across the region packed in the coming weeks with people spending an average of £33.45 per month on getting fitter in 2019 despite the majority (55%) set to give up their chiselled pursuits by March.

Other popular resolutions include a desire to read more books (23%) and learn a new skill (18%), while 9% want to cut down on alcohol throughout the whole year as opposed to just for January. This, however, proves statistically hard to maintain, with 49% set to give up within two months and fall back into their old ways when it comes to booze.