‘Redundancy’ theme for Rossendale Players’ latest show

Why Me, Rossendale Players
Why Me, Rossendale Players

The very topical and challenging issue of redundancy and unemployment is the underlying theme of the latest production from the Rossendale Players.

Stanley Price’s comedy “Why Me”, written in the 1960s, has been updated by the Players due to its relevance to many people who have faced similar challenges today to that of main character John Bailey.

John, played with a great deal of sympathy by Michael Whewell, isn’t the easiest character to get along with.

Having been made redundant from his job as a civil engineer, John finds it difficult to come to terms with his wife Helen’s successful own business.

The play charts his problems in attempting to find work which our audience today would sadly find empathy with.

Such subject matter would not seem the stuff of comedies, but the presence of Maureen Jackson as his domineering mother-in-law Mary Ferguson ensures there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

Also giving an equally ebullient, over-the-top performance is Paul Higginbottom as the cuckolded next-door neighbour Arthur Hollis.

The play runs until Saturday, February 15th, at 7-30pm at the New Millennium Theatre, Burnley Road East, Waterfoot.