Readstone Singers help male cancer charity

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PreludeThe Readstone Singers annual "Prelude to Christmas" concert in St John's Church, Read, before Christmas was different as the Manchester Carols were performed for the first time by a women's choir.

Carol Anne Duffy wrote the Manchester Carols, which were set to music by Sasha Johnson Manning. Linked by the narrative, given by Bill Hemmingway, the performance of the suite of 12 carols was a success despite the weather, with St John's being full. The collection raised 470 for the Orchid Charity which plays a leading role in the fight against male cancer through research and awareness and by supporting patients.

The Readstone Singers start rehearsing for their summer concert tomorrow and every Wednesday thereafter, with a break in the summer. Rehearsals are at 7-30 p.m. in St John's Church and new members would be welcome.