Read teen in fireball horror

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A TEENAGER suffered serious burns in a kitchen fireball at a Read sandwich shop.

The 19-year-old man was lighting an oven at the Fuzzy Duck when the horror accident happened. When the shop worker attempted to light the cooker the gas “exploded” in a ball of flames – engulfing his face and setting fire to his clothes. Paramedics and firefighters were called to the scene at the Whalley Road shop on Saturday morning. Crew manager Darren Bowers, of Padiham Fire Station, said: “He opened an oven in the kitchen area and tried to light it. Gas had been building up inside it and all that gas blew up in his face. There was a big flash and a fireball. “It set fire to his clothing and burned his face, neck and hands.” Ambulance crews rushed the man to the Royal Blackburn Hospital for treatment. Crew manager Bowers said: “It is quite unusual for this to happen. It can be really nasty. The consequences can be horrific or even fatal. “We would urge people to be aware of the danger of gas ovens particularly when lighting them. “Don’t turn the cooker on and then go and get a match to light because gas can build up.”