Pupils have a lot to talk about in ‘Youth Speaks’ contest

Sam, Ellisia and Imani delight audiences with their performance. (s)
Sam, Ellisia and Imani delight audiences with their performance. (s)
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There were plenty of laughs thanks to young speakers at a recent meeting of Ribblesdale Rotary.

Rotarians were entertained by youngsters from Moorlands School, Clitheroe, who entered the intermediate class of the National Rotary competition “Youth Speaks” with their chosen subject “Laugh out Loud”.

Iain Pool welcomed and introduced the team at The Spread Eagle, Sawley, while chairperson Imani Musa greeted the audience.

Speaker, Sam, gave a light-hearted speech as to why everyone should laugh out loud and the benefits of doing this. Sam was allotted six minutes to give his speech and apart from running over time slightly received a well-deserved round of applause from the audience.

Sam was then asked by a member of the audience “did he think laughter was a cover for shyness” he agreed with the questioner that this indeed could be the case.

Proposer of the vote of thanks, Ellisia Semons, then had two minutes to summarise the key points of what Sam had told the audience and to propose a vote of thanks.

There followed a short break whilst the judges considered their notes, Rtn. Prof. John Sharp then summarised what the team had achieved in their presentation also giving them helpful comments as to how they could improve their performance, he was extremely complimentary about the clarity and delivery of their presentation.

Rotarian president, Linda Bindless, thanked their mentor Suzan Nolan and all the team from Moorlands School and wished them well in the forthcoming competition.