MP Nigel Evans pledges to "work harder" for his loyal constituents

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It’s one of the truest blue seats in the country and one that Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans has held successfully for the past 25 years.

Since regaining the affluent Tory stronghold from the Liberal Democrats in 1992, Mr Evans' majority has increased.

Victory for Nigel Evans in the Ribble Valley

Victory for Nigel Evans in the Ribble Valley

His vote of 31,919 for the 2017 election was his biggest ever increasing it by 6,515 or 9.2% when he polled 25,404 in the 2015 General Election.

After the results were announced in the early hours of the morning (Friday). Mr Evans thanked his supporters and vowed to show no complacency, pledging to "redouble his efforts".

He said: "When I return to London at the start of the new parliament, I pledge my service to this area. I love the Ribble Valley, I've lived here the entire time I've been an MP.

"I also pledge to redouble my efforts to work hard for this area and I also promise to bang a few heads together in Westminster and make sure they hear loud and clear what the priorities are."

Meanwhile, Labour candidate David Hinder saw a surge from his 11,798 in 2015 to 18,720 in 2017. He praised his party's success both at local and national level. He said: "We were given no chance in this election, with people saying we shouldn't even be considering second place. We've confounded them wrong and the way we've done that is the way the party has fought nationally. We've fought a united campaign - we haven't criticised our leadership, we haven't pulled ourselves to pieces, either before or after the election result and that's the way we should be going on and the way we work within the Labour party."

Allan Knox (Liberal Democrats) polled 3,247, while Green Party candidate Graham Sowter lost his deposit of £500 after receiving only 1,314 votes.

Turnout: 71%

The number of ballots spoiled was 163.