MP calls for people to have faith in the UK after Vote Leave

Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans is calling for people to have faith in the UK after the Vote Leave campaign.
Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans is calling for people to have faith in the UK after the Vote Leave campaign.
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Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans has called for people to "have faith" in the UK since the Brexit vote.

He spoke out after the announcement from Nissan that it will continue to manufacture in Sunderland and will be investing further after questions were raised over the future of the company in the UK after the EU referendum.

Mr Evans said those who have been sceptical about Brexit have flagged up questions about how the country will fare outside of the EU but these fears have continually been shown to be misguided. Since the vote the MP has been campaigning for people to have a positive outlook and to have faith in the UK.

He said: "“I find it to be deeply troubling that many politicians and public figures are seeking any opportunity to undermine the UK’s prospects for the future.

"This comes against the tide of good news post-Brexit.

"Not only have Nissan made their announcement, Toyota have also spoken out about their confidence in the UK’s economy, Jaguar Land Rover have stated that they are satisfied with assurances from the Government aswell.

"The housing market has shown strength, the retail industry is experiencing a boom in trade thanks to Brexit and there is growing confidence from airlines.

"Yet some choose to talk Britain down. It is emblematic of the negativity that remains with those who did not want the UK to Vote Leave."

Newly elected as a member of the fresh International Trade Select Committee, Mr Evans said he saw the news as a vote of confidence in the UK, post-Brexit. The announcement also comes hot on the heels of the news that the UK economy grew 0.5% in the three months after the referendum, dispelling the fears that the economy would shrink.

Mr Evans added: "I am delighted at the news that Nissan will keep its manufacturing hub in Sunderland.

"Nissan sought assurances from the Government that the UK will get a good deal and they were clearly satisfied with the answer. There is a mutual confidence that the car manufacturing industry will continue to thrive in the UK.

“I see no reason to believe why this wouldn’t be the case. The UK exports 77% of its car output, 58% of which goes to Europe. But we still import far more cars, running a trade deficit of around £5 billion a year.

"Obviously it is in the EU’s interest to offer a good deal. I am glad to see that Nissan, the North-East’s largest private sector employer, has recognised this.”

Nissan have invested £3.7bn in their Sunderland factory since opening in 1986 and they run the most efficient car factory in Europe – producing 115 cars an hour, or half a million a year. The Japanese giant is now considering further investment, hoping to build its own gasification plant so that it can run the factory on low-cost energy.