Police warn of doorstep Ribble Valley fish scam

Police warn of doorstep fish scam
Police warn of doorstep fish scam
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Police are asking residents, especially those living on their own, vulnerable or elderly, to be on their guard of doorsteps traders selling expensive fish.

The warning has been issued by Sgt. Stuart Banks, of Clitheroe Police, after complaints from local residents about doorstep traders selling fish. In one case, a Grindleton woman paid £40 to a salesman selling fish on her doorstep. He asked for more money, but she declined.
In another case, an elderly customer is believed to have handed more than £100 over to a doorstep seller for a large quantity of fish she did not require. The victim’s granddaughter, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “Recently, a white van mobile fish seller visited West Bradford knocking on doors and attempting to sell large quantities of unlabelled fish charging very high prices. There was no use by date on the packages, no label explaining the type of fish being sold and no receipt given. It’s horrible to think that these fraudsters are targeting the elderly because they are more trusting and I wanted to get the word out so that people can protect their loved ones and be more aware.”
Sgt Banks said: “I would urge people to be careful of rogue traders selling on your doorstep and if unsure of the salesman’s identity, please call police on 101.” Meanwhile, police have also been made aware of a very convincing e-mail scam regarding TV Licence refunds. The e-mail contains a link, which sends the recipient to a fake TV Licence website and asks them to enter personal details in order to be given a refund. A police spokesman said: “TV Licensing will never e-mail you to tell you that you’re entitled to a refund.”