Police issue warning to owners after lamb is killed by loose dog

A LAMB was killed by a dog loose in a field above Fleshwick beach, near, Port Erin, on Saturday, April 20.

Two dogs were reported as being loose in the field.

Constable Mark Langley is keen to speak to anyone who was in the Fleshwick area between 3pm and 4pm on the day, who may have seen these dogs, in particular, the occupants of a small white van parked near to the beach.

He said: ‘Incidents such as this have become all too common in recent months and dog owners are reminded of their responsibility to maintain effective control of their dogs at all times, especially in areas where livestock are kept.

‘While it is appreciated that the majority of dog owners are responsible, those who aren’t are reminded that owners of livestock are entitled to protect their animals by destroying any dog that is not under the effective control of its owner and found to be worrying or killing their livestock.’