Plans to shape Ribble Valley until 2028 nearly complete

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A DEVELOPMENT blueprint which has caused controversy and debate across the area is edging towards completion.

Ribble Valley Borough Council is moving into the final stages of producing its “Core Strategy”, a document which will guide and inform development in the area until 2028. That includes how many new houses the borough needs and where they might be built – the aspect of the Core Strategy that has caused by far the most heated debate.

The Core Strategy is a 20-year plan, backdated to 2008, and has been built on widespread consultation in the borough over recent years. It will also include sections on affordable housing, commerce, employment, the environment and transport.

On Wednesday, April 4th, a special meeting of Ribble Valley Borough Council’s planning committee will decide on its “preferred option”, or where future houses might be built.

Currently the preference is to concentrate a large proportion of projected future housebuilding on a single large development site of around 1,040 homes on the Standen Estates site at the southern edge of Clitheroe. That has angered many in Clitheroe, who say development should be spread more evenly across the borough.

Whatever preferred option is decided at the April 4th meeting will then be subject to a six-week consultation, before the council’s planning committee makes a final decision on Thursday, June 21st – the longest day.

The matter will then be referred to a meeting of the full council on Tuesday, July 10th, or Tuesday, July 17th, before being referred to the Government Planning Inspectorate.

It will then hold a public examination of the Core Strategy, with a view to its formal adoption by the end of 2012.

The meetings will take place in the Ribble Valley Borough Council Chamber in Church Walk, Clitheroe, at 6-30 p.m, and members of the public are welcome. As the dates of the meetings are provisional, people are advised to check with the council on 01200 425111 before attending.