Plan for 15 new homes in Read: objections

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Residents want to put a stop to plans to build 15 new homes in their village.

They’re arguing that building the development of detached, semi-detached and terrace homes will make parking that is already a problem, even worse.

They also believe that the extra homes in Read will also create more traffic problems in the quiet village that is often choked with cars at peak times of the day.

Another objection to the scheme, which has been submitted to Ribble Valley Borough Council, is that there are not enough footpaths around the development which is earmarked for land off Westfield Avenue on a site known as Worthalls Farm. Read Parish Council has no objections to the scheme, saying they consider it to be a new lease of life for redundant farm buildings.

Lancashire County Council highways have stated that they are of the opinion that the proposed housing development would have a negligible impact on the capacity of traffic on the roads.

But one resident, who asked not to be named, said: “The village is already very busy at peak times, during the school run and also at tea-time and building more homes just brings in even more vehicles especially if you think that many households can have up to two cars these days.

“It makes the main road through Read even busier and increases the danger for pedestrians.’’

The application, which has been deferred by members of Ribble Valley Borough Council’s planning and development committee, may also run into problems as United Utilities has stated that a public sewer crosses the site and building over it may not be permitted. There is also a water main crossing the site and building work would not be allowed close to this either. Objectors also point out that the proposal for the development has been made on land that is not under the entire ownership of the applicant.