Pick up your dog mess plea from police

Police are urging dog owners to pick up after their pets.
Police are urging dog owners to pick up after their pets.
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Police are appealing for dog owners to pick up after their pets on farmland after two calves die.

A spokesman for Ribble Valley police said: "We have been told by a local farmer that he has recently lost two calves because they have been aborted.

"Dog faeces carry the parasite Neosporosis which can cause spontaneous abortion in cows. The fields the cows are grazing are crossed by a number of footpaths which are used regularly by the public and their dogs.

"Some dog owners seem to think that they don't need to clear up their dog's mess on farmland but if you don't you may be responsible for costing the farmer dearly in the loss not only of the calf but the cow as well.

"Once a cow has aborted she can't be bred from again - this means that the farmer may lose the ability to breed up to six calves from that cow and will also lose income from the milk she would have produced....that's £1,500 for the cow plus 7,500 litres lost milk per year from that cow at 58p per litre - I make that a total over six years of £27,500 per cow!

"Please be aware that you may receive a fixed penalty of up to £1,000 if you do not pick up after your dog.

"It's a no-brainer really - and not so difficult to just pick up after your dog has fouled."