Pet mischief at home can be costly

The antics of our pets can drum up hours of amusement - but it can also drive up costs in damage to the home, revealed Saga Home Insurance.

Friday, 9th September 2016, 11:37 am
Updated Monday, 12th September 2016, 5:22 pm
The antics of our pets can drive up significant costs in damage to the home, revealed Saga Home Insurance. (s)

Tortoises starting a house fire causing £6000 of damage by knocking over a heat lamp was one of the more unusual claims dealt with over the last year by the company. Luckily, the tortoises were unharmed.

One customer’s dog shattered a window by charging straight through closed patio doors to scare a cat in the garden, resulting in a £2000 repair bill.

Another returned home to what she thought was the scene of a burglary - until she found her cat sitting among £500 worth of smashed ornaments.

Others include a dog treading paint all over the carpets and a husky swallowing his owner’s £2000 hearing aid.

Paul Green, communications director for Saga, said: “We are a nation of pet lovers but even the best behaved dog or cat can leave you with a big bill. Animal accidents in the home can cost thousands to put right.”

How much has your pet’s mischief-making set you back over the years?