Trio of schools are in the county’s top 10

Former St Augustine's pupils Evie Hurst and Tom Muldoon who gained grade 9s and A*s across all subjects in their GCSEs.
Former St Augustine's pupils Evie Hurst and Tom Muldoon who gained grade 9s and A*s across all subjects in their GCSEs.
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Three Ribble Valley secondary schools have been listed in the top 10 of schools in Lancashire for pupil progression.

Clitheroe Royal Grammar School, St Augustine’s RC High School at Billington and Bowland High School at Grindleton have all been deemed to be “above average” in the latest set of league tables issued by the Government’s Department for Education.

The grammar school has a score of 0.41, while the other two secondary schools have a score of 0.36.

St Augustine’s score puts it at the top of all Catholic schools in Lancashire.

This year’s school league tables use a new measure to determine the performance of schools.

Progress 8, as the name suggests, measures the progress that pupils make in schools using each pupil’s best eight GCSE results compared to their starting point from primary school.

The measure doubles the scores of English and Maths which reflects the importance which the Government places on these subjects.

The teaching profession is generally in favour of the new measure as it accounts for the progress of all pupils at a school rather than the old measure which encouraged schools to concentrate their efforts on the old C/D grade borderline pupils.

A score of zero reflects the national average and a score of -0.5 indicates that a school has fallen below the “floor standard” expected by the Department for Education.

Mr Michael Wright, headteacher for St Augustine’s, said he is really pleased with his school’s score.

“We end up as top Catholic school in Lancashire and as a comprehensive school our results reflect the progress of pupils of all abilities.

“We are particularly pleased with our high achievers who scored a Progress 8 figure of 0.51 which is ‘well above average’.

“This figure includes the high number of the new Grade 9s achieved in English, English Literature and Mathematics by our pupils.”

Judith Child, headteacher at Clitheroe Royal Grammar School, said: “We were delighted with the outstanding results gained by our students in their GCSE examinations this summer which are reflected in the Progress 8 figures.

“This shows that our students not only achieve well at GCSE, but make excellent progress during their time at our school. We are incredibly proud of our students and staff.

“We have been told this year that the GCSE examination system had been designed to be tougher.

“Our students rose to the challenge and truly excelled, supported by our exceptional staff and supportive parents/carers.”

John Tarbox, headteacher at Bowland said: “We are delighted that once again pupils have made excellent progress at Bowland across a wide range of subjects.

“In a year of considerable change it is very pleasing that the very high standards of previous years have been sustained. Measuring progress from starting points ensures the achievements of all of the pupils are recognised and overall this is a fairer measure of success.”