Toddler witnesses birth of baby brother at home in Colne

The happy family
The happy family
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A youngster who woke up during the night while his mother was in labour during a home birth witnessed the moment his baby brother entered the world.

Two-year-old Walter Brown was not perturbed at the experience at all and wanted to stay awake and watch, and even shouted: “Push Mummy, push!” to encourage his mum.

Walter and Roland

Walter and Roland

Proud parents Georgia and Michael Brown say although they had never planned for Walter to be there for the birth of his little brother Roland, they are overjoyed he was as it made it even more of a magical and emotional experience.

The family managed to capture priceless snaps of them all together only moments after the birth they had all witnessed.

Georgia (26) who lives in Colne, gave birth to her first son Walter at the Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre at Burnley General Hospital and although she says all the staff were great, when she became pregnant again, she knew she wanted a home birth.

Georgia said: “With our first Walter, we did not really consider a home birth. My water broke early with Walter and I ended up being induced and had to stay in hospital in case of infection.

The family

The family

“I felt it was not quite the experience I wanted the second time around. Even though having Walter in hospital was not a bad experience and the hospital staff were all wonderful, I really liked the idea of having a home birth.”

Georgia has several friends who had home births and they all had positive and smooth birthing experiences.

However, she admits her husband Michael, a community support worker at Lancashire County Council, was initially apprehensive.

Georgia mentioned wanting a home birth to her midwife Anne Rebanks, and she was very supportive of the idea.

Georgia did hypnobirthing when she was pregnant with Walter and when she became pregnant the second time, she used the EMPower for Birth audio downloads provided by East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.

The downloads allow women and their birthing companions to use hypnotherapy relaxation easily from the comfort of their own homes.

EMPower was created by local midwife Maria Williamson who is qualified and experienced in deep relaxation preparation for birth.

The download costs £5 and the money goes to East Lancashire Hospitals’ NICU Endowment Fund.

Georgia said: “The first audio talks you through what happens in labour with your body and what your baby is doing and what the contractions are doing and tells you to imagine the cervix like the neck of a balloon.

“It is about visualisation and talking you through the information to understand what is physically happening with your body.

“The second audio is all about relaxation and how to cope with the pain and make your experience more focused. It talks you through imagining connecting with your baby.

“I used these audios from about 13 weeks of pregnancy. I would listen to them about once a week in the early days, but closer to birth, I was listening to them almost every day.”

Georgia says the reason home birth appealed to her was because she liked the idea of being at home in her natural setting with all her comforts close to her.

The actual birth was attended by midwives Sally Gillard from Burnley and Vicky Wright from Blackburn Birth Centre.

A Home Birth Box had already been delivered to the home a few weeks earlier containing everything the midwives needed including gloves, aprons and pads.

Just as Georgia’s front waters had broken, Walter, who will turn three in August, woke up and came downstairs.

Georgia added: “When Walter realised what was happening, he did not want to go back upstairs but wanted to stay and watch.

“He began encouraging me and shouting: ‘Push Mummy, Push!’

“It was so lovely and his encouragement really got me through that last bit.

“Then Walter saw his little brother Roland born. It was a really positive and special moment.”

Georgia says even though she and Michael had not planned on Walter being present at the birth, they are glad things turned out that way.

Georgia explained: “I had wanted Walter to be in our house while I gave birth as I did not want him to go somewhere else and then come back to find a new baby in his home.

“When everything happened at the time it did, I thought Walter would sleep through it all and wake up and see the new baby in the morning.

“But instead he saw Roland actually being born.

“We hadn’t considered having Walter at the birth but when it ended up happening, it was so magical and special.”

Baby Roland was born on Saturday May 5th at 5-51am weighing 7lbs and Georgia enjoyed skin-to-skin cuddling with him straight away.

By 8am, all the midwives had gone and they were all at home as a family just snuggled up together.