Ribblesdale pupils ‘excelled in all areas’

Some of Ribblesdale High School's top performing students.
Some of Ribblesdale High School's top performing students.
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Ribblesdale pupils “incredible success” was largely down to their hard work as well as support from parents according to headteacher Mr Stephen Cox.

He said: “We are delighted with our pupils’ GCSE examination results this year. The have excelled in all areas, both as a year group and as individuals. There are far too many wonderful specific successes to single out of a cohort of 238 young people but we congratulate them all in their achievements.

“Their incredible success is due to their hard work, the support of their parents and of course, the immense hard work by their teachers and support staff at Ribblesdale. We wish all them the very best for the next chapter of their lives.

“We would like to add that this is the first year that pupils will receive a numerical grading, on a nine-one scale, in English language, English literature and mathematics with nine being the highest grade that any pupil can be awarded.

"Though guidance has been given about how the numbers, nine-one, may relate to the previously used A*-G grades, there is inherent difficulty in making direct comparisons between the two scales. As a result, all schools will face difficulty in making historical comparisons between cohorts.

“Additionally, until the release of national data, we are unable to compare the performance of pupils at Ribblesdale High School with that of other pupils.”