Ribble Valley backed MP and voted Leave

Nigel Evans
Nigel Evans

The Ribble Valley has backed its MP Nigel Evans and voted to leave the EU.

An astonishing 56.4% voted Leave, opposed to 43.6% who wanted to remain in the EU.

The result is a great victory for the MP who has backed the Vote Leave campaign vociferously all the way, pleading with Ribble Valley residents to make today “Independence Day.”

Mr Evans said: “The people have voted Leave and taken control. The EU that exists today is a far cry from the one we joined in 1973.

“It is a Council of Europe which involves 47 European countries and a political entity that is fast morphing into a United States of Europe.’’

A jubilant Mr Evans said that leaving Europe would save £10 billion a year to spend on UK priorities such as the NHS and other vital public services.

He said: “We are taking control of 100% of our legislation and not having 60% made in Brussels plus we are taking control of our borders.”