Pupils write to famous authors and get replies!

Children from Thorneyholme with the replies from famous authors.
Children from Thorneyholme with the replies from famous authors.
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Pupils at a Ribble Valley primary school received replies from several famous authors after writing to them highlighting the need for more children’s books to include characters with disabilities.

Thorneyholme Primary School at Dunsop Bridge wrote to the authors to show their support for UN Child Right Article 23.

According to UN Child Right Article 23, a child with a disability has the right to live a full and decent life with dignity and, as far as possible, independence and to play an active part in the community.

After a survey of books in their school library highlighted the lack of characters with disabilities, the pupils at Thorneyholme decided to write letters.

“The response from famous author’s has been astounding!” Deputy headteacher Olga Jackson said. “Pupils were very excited to receive letters, stickers and books from famous authors such as Jeremy Strong, Sue Hendra and Julia Donaldson.”

All the authors agreed with the children that it is important to include characters from all walks of life, including those with disabilities.