Police and council have no record of poisoning allegations in Clitheroe

View from Clitheroe Castle.
View from Clitheroe Castle.
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Alarming reports of dogs falling ill through poison being left on the grassed areas of Clitheroe Castle park have been posted on the social networking site Facebook.

Several reports have been shared on Facebook this week warning dog owners to stay away from the castle park after dogs have allegedly fallen ill and even died after eating poison.

However, no incidents have been reported to Clitheroe Police and a spokeswoman for Ribble Valley Borough Council said: “We are aware of allegations on social media of dogs being poisoned, but have received no formal complaints.”

One person who posted on Facebook said: “Nobody take their dogs through the castle park and the surrounding areas of it. Apparently some sicko lowlife has put poison all over the grass. It’s causing dogs to become very ill and allegedly die. Please share.”