Outstanding exhibits at Bolland Garden Club's ruby anniversary show

The rain and wind eventually stopped and the weather smiled for Bolland Gardening Club’s 40th anniversary show afternoon held at Bolton-by-Bowland village hall.

Friday, 30th August 2019, 11:44 am
Visitors enjoying browsing around the exhibits

Extremes of weather seems to be the norm for the growing season now with the exhibitors having had to contend with many changeable and challenging weather conditions: a freak hot spell in February, a miserably cold June which stunted the growth or killed off tender plants, then especially the couple of days before the show when the high winds and heavy rain must have ruined many of the blooms designated for the show.

Despite this, the exhibitors rose to the challenge and produced a large number of entries, although numbers were less than the previous year. Indeed, both the horticulture judge, Ernie Sedgewick, from Chatburn, and Landscape Architect David Redmore, who presented the prizes, both commented that this year’s weather has been one of the most unpredictable for gardeners.

Outstanding exhibits were Ed Moorcroft’s vase of three dahlias and a floral arrangement made by Jo Beechey to celebrate the club’s ruby anniversary, which were awarded best in show and runner-up respectively. The junior section was closely contested, a notable exhibit was "The most items in a Matchbox" won by Tom Craddock, who found well over 100 items! Visitors were assured of an excellent choice of refreshments as the ladies in the kitchen worked tirelessly to ensure that tea and homemade cakes were in constant supply. The tombola and the cake, produce and plants stalls were very popular too. After the judging had taken place, Mrs.Anne Kershaw, the club chair, welcomed the visitors and thanked all of the visitors, exhibitors and volunteers who had worked hard to make the day a success. She also thanked the various sponsors of the show for their support and contributions and remarked that the first recipient of the Bolland Cup, Mrs Joan Corless, is still a still a successful exhibitor and also several generations of families are still competing. The presentation of the trophies then took place with Mr David Redmore awarding the prizes.

Lots of fruit, veg and plants on display

Special Awards

Bolland Cup - Club Member with most points: Maureen Robinson; Runner Up: Joan Corless; Milne-Redhead Rose Bowl - Most points in flower and foliage classes: Ed Moorcroft; Closes Hall Cup - Most points for fruit and vegetables: Martin Waddington; Murphy Challenge Cup for classes (members only): Joint winners Anne Kershaw and Gail Waddington; Alice Bowe cup- 7’s and under: Henry Moulden; Hammond Cup – over 7’s: Tom Craddock; Trophy for most points in floral arts classes: (Joint) Jo Beechey and Maureen Robinson; Barkers Primrose Nursery Shield for most points in the rose classes: Ed Moorcroft; The Mr and Mrs F. Pickles Trophy for most points in Preserves classes: Joan Corless; Reidy’s Home of Music Trophy for most points in confectionery classes: Janet Glover. The Photography Trophy: Dorothy Wells; The John Cowgill Trophy for Best in Show: Ed Moorcroft; The Dinsdale and Kaye Trophy for Runner up Best in Show: Jo Beechey.


Flower and Foliage Classes. Judge Ernie Sedgewick of Chatburn

Green-fingered visitors enjoy the show

1. Foliage pot plant: 1, Anne Thorpe 2, Alison Bruce,

2. Cacti or succulent: 1, Adele McCally

3. Gladioli: 1 spike 1. Ed Moorcroft. 2.Gail Waddington. 3. Anne Kershaw

4. Pelargonium in Bloom - 1. Pam Bury, 2. Adele McCally, 3. Dorothy Wells

Youngsters at the show

5. Vase of Cosmos.– 1.Joan Corless. 2.Dorothy Wells, 3. Gail Waddington

6. Jug of Marigolds - 1.Dorothy Wells, 2.Maureen Robinson, 3. Gloria Bentley

7. Flowering pot plant -1 Dorothy Wells., 2.Anne Kershaw, 3. Ann Thorpe

8. Container of any mixed garden flowers, 1.Gail Waddington, 2. Ed Moorcroft, 3. Maureen Robinson

Award-winning floral exhibits

9. Vase of three Dahlias 1.Ed Moorcroft, 2. Malcolm Adamson, 3. Gail Waddington

10. Vase of Sweet Peas 5 stems 1. Ed Moorcroft, 2.Margaret Loach, 3. Maureen Robinson, Highly commended Ann Thorpe

11. 3 stems of perennials in bloom 1.Maureen Robinson, 2.Margo Roberts, 3. Joan Corless

12. Vase of decorative foliage 1. Joan Corless, 2. Ann Thorpe, 3. Margaret Breakall

13. 3 Nasturtium heads floating in water 1. Muriel Briggs2. Dorothy Wells 3. Maureen Robinson

14. One spike multi flowered rose 1.Ed Moorcroft, 2. Maureen Robinson, 3. Dorothy Wells

Bolland Flower Show

15. One specimen rose 1. Ed Moorcroft 2. Anne Kershaw, 3. Maureen Robinson

16. Dahlia plant growing in a pot (members only) 1.Anne Kershaw, 2.Dorothy Wells,

Floral Art Classes - Judge Eileen Dyson of Sabden

17. An arrangement to celebrate the Clubs Ruby Anniversary 1, Jo Beechey, 2. Maureen Robinson,

3.Muriel Briggs

18. A Foliage only arrangement. 1.Ann Thorpe, 2 Maureen Robinson., 3. Margaret Breakall

19. An Arrangement in a Red Pepper 1.Dorothy Wells, 2. Jo Beechey, 3. Maureen Robinson

Fruit and Vegetable Classes - Judge Ernie Sedgewick

20. Plate of 5 tomatoes 1.Maureen Robinson, 2. Martin Waddington, 3. Mandy Adamson

21. Brassica 1.Joan Corless, 2. Martin Waddington

22. Three potatoes 1. Martin Waddington 2.Nigel Bentley, 3. Maureen Robinson

23. Three carrots 1. Mandy Adamson 2. Martin Waddington

24. 3 onions dressed 1. Ed Moorcroft, 2.Martin Waddington,

25. 3 pods of podded vegetables (any variety)1.Mandy Adamson, 2. Ann Thorpe 3. Martin


26. 3 Runner Beans 1Nigel Bentley, 2. Maureen Robinson 3. Joan Corless

27. 1 leek. 1. Ed Moorcroft, 2.Martin Waddington 3. Ann Thorpe

28. 2 courgettes 1. Mandy Adamson 2.Martin Waddington 3. Anne Kershaw

29. 1 cucumber 1.Maureen Robinson , 2. Ann Thorpe,

30. 1 beetroot 1. Martin Waddington, 2.Joan Corless 3.Ann Kershaw

31. A vegetable not included above 1. Martin Waddington, 2. Joan Corless 3. Gloria Bentley

32. A plate of soft fruit 1. Martin Waddington .Chris Thorpe 3. Anne Kershaw

33. 1 lettuce 1. Joan Corless 2. Martin Waddington,

34. An oddity 1.Joan Corless

35. No entries

36. A collection of home grown herbs 1.Mandy Adamson, 2.Alison Bruce, 3. Gail Waddington

37. A 10” pot of edible plants 1.Alison Bruce, 2. Dorothy Wells 3. MartinWaddington

38. an 8” pot of Mixed Basil Plants (members only) 1 Gail Waddington.

Preserves Judge Liz Moorhouse of Bolton by Bowland

39. A jar of jam 1 Dorothy Wells 2.Joan Corless 3. Pam Bury

40. A jar of fruit jelly 1. Ann Thorpe, 2.Dorothy Wells, 3. Gail Waddington

41. A jar of lemon curd. 1.Martin Sutton , 2, Gloria Bentley 3. Julie Gradwell

42. A jar of chutney 1.Joan Corless, 2.Gail Waddington, 3. Martin Sutton

43. A Jar of preserved fruit or vegetables 1.Joan Corless, 2. Gail Waddington

44. A jar of Marmalade 1Ann Thorpe 2. Margaret Breakall 3. joint Alison Bruce and Martin Sutton

Baking Judge Liz Moorhouse

45. A fruit loaf or tea bread 1, Maureen Robinson 2.Pam Bury 3. Alison Bruce

46. Decorated Cake to celebrate a 40 th Anniversary 1. Janet Glover 2., Alison Bruce, 3. Maureen


47. Gluten free bake 1.Martin Sutton. 2. Janet Glover 3. Alison Bruce

48. 4 hen eggs 1. Joan Corless 2.Dorothy Wells,

49. Ruby Red Beetroot Cake 1.Paul Payne, 2.Alison Bruce, 3. Margaret Loach

50. 5 shortbread biscuits 1. Janet Glover 2. Maureen Robinson, 3. Alison Bruce

51. Savoury Bake 1.Janet Glover, 2. Maureen Robinson 3 Alison Bruce

Photography Judge John Fletcher of Grindleton

52. “Something beginning with “R” 1.Dorothy Wells, 2.Adele McCally, 3. Mandy Adamson

53. “Lancashire Life” 1.Peter Wells, 2 .Dorothy Wells, 3. Adele McCally

Junior Section judge Maggie Schofield of Sawley

54. Miniature Garden. 1. Sam Whitwell 2.Henry Moulden 3. Annabella Booth

1. Tom Craddock 2. Emily Whitwell.

55.Potato Printed Pattern. 1. Annabella Booth. 2. Henry Moulden

1. Tom Wells 2.Sam Wells 3 Emily Whitwell

56. Most items in a Matchbox 1. Henry Moulden 2 Annabella Booth

1.Tom Craddock 2. Tom Wells 3. Sam Wells

57. “Something beginning with R”1. Henry Moulden 2. Annabella Booth

1.Sam Wells, 2. Tom Craddock 3. Tom Wells

The autumn, winter and spring programme of monthly meetings is very varied and not all of them are about gardening! New members are always welcome, please come along at 7-30pm to the village Hall at Bolton-by-Bowland on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Lots of vegetables to be judged