Nelson Police Station evacuated amid 'safety fears' surrounding nearby demolition work

Nelson Police Station has been forced to close today and the building evacuated after safety concerns were raised surrounding the structure of the town's multi-storey car park.

Tuesday, 13th August 2019, 11:50 am
Work is ongoing to knock down the town's multi-storey car park

Work is currently ongoing to bulldoze Nelson's eyesore multi-storey car park and former bus station in Broadway to make way for a drive-thru McDonald's restaurant.

However, this morning it was revealed firefighters and officials from Lancashire County Council are at the site and working to make the area safe.

A Lancashire Police spokesman issued a statement on Facebook, which reads as follows: "Nelson Police Station is currently closed. We were called around 7am today by site contractors demolishing a car park next to the police station. The contractors have raised safety concerns about the structure of the car park and the station has been evacuated as a precaution.

"Broadway has been closed and officers from Lancashire Fire and Rescue and Lancashire County Council are at the scene. We will update you as and when we have more information."