Help the council get a handle on waste collection

Putting your handles the right way round will help.
Putting your handles the right way round will help.
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Householders can help Ribble Valley’s refuse collection and recycling service stay top of the pile by ensuring their "handles are facing the highway".

Each of the council’s seven refuse collection crews empty around 1,000 wheeled bins a day, each weighing up to 100 kilos, and householders can give them a hand by ensuring the bin handles are facing the roadside.

Stuart Carefoot, chairman of Ribble Valley Borough Council’s community services committee, said: “When the handles of wheeled bins are facing the roadside, the refuse collectors are able to empty the bins safely and quickly, ensuring the service is efficient for households and safe for collectors.

“It’s one small way in which we can work together as a community to ensure our refuse collection service remains one of the most popular and successful in Lancashire.”

Ribble Valley’s biennial customer satisfaction survey, the 2018 Perception Survey, revealed that 89 per cent of residents were satisfied with refuse collection in the borough and 85 per cent with recycling.

Ribble Valley Borough Council has also been praised by the Government for its weekly refuse collection service – many authorities collect fortnightly or even every three weeks – and cited as an example of best practice in its "bin bible".

The council also offers a weekly kerbside waste paper and cardboard collection and free white sacks are available by phoning 01200 425111.

Householders can help Ribble Valley Borough Council’s refuse collection service stay top of the pile by ensuring "handles are facing the highway".