George's gift for Grenfell

A Pendle Primary School pupil immediately took action after seeing the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy unfold on TV.

Wednesday, 5th July 2017, 11:11 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:40 am
George Thornberry. (s)

George Thornberry (7) asked his mum Hannah how he could send help to the victims of the fire and started to come up with fundraising ideas straight away. Hannah said: ”George came downstairs on the morning after the tower had gone up in flames and I was watching the horrific pictures unfold on the TV. I wasn’t sure what to say to him, but decided that I should explain as best I could what had happened.”

“He had lots of questions, the main one being where the people who lived there would go and who would help them.”

After discussing it with his mum, George set straight to work, raiding the cupboards for biscuits, sweets, chocolate and crisps. He then set up a tombola stall outside the back gate and made raffle tickets to sell. Having sold out of goods in around an hour, George was delighted to receive extra monetary donations through the door of the family home from people who had not been able to make it to the stall.

Hannah continued: “We were touched that people had gone out their way to help and come back with more donations. “George added his own pocket money to the funds raised and then said he’d like to take it round to the fire station. He also took some more tombola goodies and left it with Dave McGrath, Clitheroe Fire Station Watch Manager, who invited George back to join the firefighters on parade and to collect their further donations.”

Discussing how his idea had come about and what he planned to do with the donations, George said: “I saw the tower on fire on the TV and watched the firemen rescuing people and thought how brave they were and started thinking about what I could do to help them.”

Dave McGrath commented: “As a fire service, we were overwhelmed when George attended the station and shared his thoughts on the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

For such a young boy to share his thoughts and feelings about how it had affected him was quite emotional. And to raise money for the fire fighters charity to thank those involved in the incident again shows what a special boy George really is. It gave us great pleasure in helping in his efforts.”