Facetime will help new mums and babies bond

Matron Caroline Cowman
Matron Caroline Cowman
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Mums who are parted from their babies after giving birth are now able to see their newborns using Facetime, thanks to a new initiative at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre, Burnley General Teaching Hospital, has invested in two iPads using money donated.

These are used by mums who are unable to go and spend time with their baby after giving birth if they are too unwell.

Matron Caroline Cowman said: “After giving birth, some women can be poorly and need close monitoring and not be well enough to go and see their baby.

“When this happens, it must be horrendous for these women. It is meant to be a wonderful and special time in their life but they cannot be with their baby.

“Some mums also feel that other family members are seeing their baby before they are as they are too poorly to move. This can be very difficult for them.

“Mums will now be able to Facetime their baby to have regular interaction with them and this means they won’t feel excluded.”