Drunk Clitheroe shoplifter dragged back to shop

Clitheroe teenager appears before Burnley Magistrates.
Clitheroe teenager appears before Burnley Magistrates.

A drunk teenager who pinched a crate of Carlsberg from an off-licence was caught by a member of the public, who dragged him back to the shop.

Burnley magistrates heard how Kyle Reece Jenkinson had picked up two crates, was struggling to carry them and the owner had helped him by carrying one to the till. Jenkinson then ran off, chased by the victim, who was unable to detain him.

The passer-by, who knew the shopkeeper, pursued the defendant, got hold of him and put him against a wall. The bottles were dropped to the floor and smashed and a tussle ensued. Jenkinson then owned up to the police.

The hearing was told 19-year-old Jenkinson claimed to the police he had been offered some drugs if he pinched the lager from the Burnley store.

The defendant, who has never been in trouble before, admitted stealing the £8-49 alcohol from MS Lone on June 13th. Jenkinson, of Causeway Croft, received a 12-month conditional discharge and was ordered to pay £8-49 compensation, a £20 victim surcharge and £40 costs.

Mr John Rusius, defending Jenkinson, told the court the offence was committed in drink.

The solicitor continued: "He had been with a group of friends, they ran out of drink and he went in the shop to try and take come alcohol. It was a very foolish thing to do and he was never going to get away with it."

Mr Rusius added: "All he can do is apologise. He shouldn't have done it."