Clitheroe Quakers stage open afternoon

An open afternoon is being staged by Clitheroe Quakers.
An open afternoon is being staged by Clitheroe Quakers.
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Clitheroe Quakers, who have just moved into new premises just off Clitheroe Market, are holding an open afternoon on Sunday, May 14th.

There will be a chance to look around the refurbished building, chat over a brew and a biscuit, and find out more about the Quaker faith.

Many would claim that Quakerism started with the vision that founder George Fox had on Pendle Hill in May 1652, 365 years ago to this month. He saw that there was "a great people to gathered" and he travelled on to Sedbergh and then Ulverston with renewed zeal. It was a heady summer for the Quaker movement with thousands joining the group in the months that followed Fox's travels through the Ribble Valley.

The founding message was that everyone could have a direct experience of the divine and that still underpins Quakerism today. Worship is held in silence as Quakers have found that silence and stillness nurture this distinctive approach to God. Everyone is equally a minister and there is no "front" to a Quaker meeting, and no one leading the worship. Anyone can "minister" if prompted. The belief in the equality of all also underpins the Quaker commitment to peace and social justice.

The open afternoon will run between 2-30 and 4pm. The new Meeting House can be found in New Market Street, postcode BB7 2JW. Everyone is welcome and for more details, phone Wendy or Ben on 01200 426266.