Charity says thanks to Ribble Valley Rotarians and residents

Chris Wareham on the left with President Frank Brown.
Chris Wareham on the left with President Frank Brown.
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A big thank you has been given to the generous people of the Ribble Valley following donations totalling £20,000 via the Rotary Club of Clitheroe to the Shelterbox appeal.

Chris Wareham, CEO of Shelterbox, thanked members of the Rotary Club of Clitheroe for organising the disaster collection in September. He went on to explain that the thank you was not just for the recent donations, but for the £20,000 that everyone has collectively given Shelterbox over the last 20 years.

Chris had been invited to the Rotary Club weekly lunchtime meeting to tell members more about the outstanding work that Shelterbox is doing around the world helping local communities cope with natural disasters and the help it provides to war torn areas.

Shelterbox is a UK-based charity that has developed a huge global reach. It has hundreds of first responder emergency housing kits – shelter kits – and some shelterboxes strategically placed throughout the world so that they can be delivered fast and efficiently to wherever they are needed most. Increasingly these kits are no longer ready-to-build kits, but are a complete pack of tools and essential waterproofing to allow refugees and the displaced to build temporary structures for themselves.

These shelter kits are the third of the price of a ready-made tent, are lighter to transport, and are usually less troublesome to import to troubled countries.

Donations made to emergency funds help to replace the kits and boxes that have been moved from these strategic stores meaning that Shelterbox is ready for the next emergency.

Over the last three to four years, Shelterbox has helped around 180,000 people per year. And its target for 2025 is to help one million people.

However, Chris said that Shelterbox is merely applying a short term, but effective, “sticking plaster” on terrible situations until governments, the UN and other organisations swing into action.

It is a sad reflection of the global situation that the people displaced by natural disasters, wars and political turmoil is increasing rapidly and help is often needed before the bigger organisations swing into action.

Raising money between major emergencies is one of the greatest challenges facing organisations like Shelterbox which depend solely upon charitable donations.