Brave little Lawson overcomes rare skull condition

Lawson is recovering well
Lawson is recovering well

A brave little boy has overcome an extremely rare skull condition, thanks to the perseverance of his concerned mum, after countless doctors failed to diagnose the illness.

Eighteen-months-old Lawson Stanworth is now back home at Windermere Avenue, Padiham, after a potentially life-saving operation to reconstruct his skill, which had been growing too fast due to a condition called Sagittal Craniosynostosis.

Brave Lawson

Brave Lawson

His relieved mum Kylie Ormerod told the Express how she endured months of frustration and worry as local doctors and specialists struggled to pinpoint the cause of little Lawson’s condition.

She now wants other parents to continue to seek help if they feel there is something wrong with their child.

Kylie, who owns Ell Beautè salon in Burnley, said: “Lawson had to be born by Caesarean section and it soon became clear his skull was not developing properly.

“The condition is not one that makes a child poorly but I was still concerned that something was clearly not right with Lawson.

Lawson and his family

Lawson and his family

“He was admitted to hospital six times by the time he was seven weeks old, but still no-one knew what the condition was. I had a massive battle with doctors.

“It’s not easily spotted by doctors who haven’t experienced seeing this before.

“I ended up looking on the internet because Lawson’s head was growing unusually. I eventually found something on an American medical website, and I was then 90% certain that was what Lawson was suffering from.”

Sagittal Craniosynostosis occurs when the sagittal suture fuses before birth. Its causes are not yet known, but here may be a genetic basis to the condition.

If untreated, the condition could lead to death or serious side-effects.

Kylie insisted that the results of an MRI scan done on Lawson’ skull should be sent to a specialist in Manchester, who immediately diagnosed the condition.

He then underwent surgery at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool. Thankfully, he is now recovering well at home with his mum, dad Ryan Stanworth and siblings Erica (5) and two-year-old Lacey.

Kylie added: “I am just so relieved that we eventually got to the bottom of this. It’s scary to think what would have happened if I hadn’t persevered and found some answers.

“Lawson is recovering well at home now but he will still have to go for check-ups. I just hope this story will serve as a warning to other parents to seek help and not give up if they feel their child is unwell.”